Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You!

Six months ago today, I met the two most precious angels ever. They only got to stay with us for a very short while, but we are the best of friends! Today (as I do everyday) I checked the mail, and as some of you know...I am short and I can't actually see into the mailbox! (That's what I get for buying a fancy one because it was on sale!) But today it was kinda fun, I reached in and there were several pieces of mail as I felt them one stuck out in my mind, it was a small envelope and it had a linen finish, I always get excited when it is something other than bills! So I quickly pulled it out and ripped it open, I didn't even look to see who it was from. But as I got it open it was not at all what I had expected, the beautiful card turned out to be a sympathy/thinking of you card from the nurses at the hospital where the girls were born! Most of who's names I didn't actually remember and I had to ask Mr. K to tell me which one they were. But as I read the different notes from each women I really stopped and thought. These women barley new me, they met at the most terrifying moment in my life, and they thought enough to send us a card to say they were think of us! While we were in the hospital the nurses had been amazing, several (Mr.K tells me) refused to leave when there shifts were over! I never expected to find a group of women who cared so much, our situation was very different from most all of the other deliveries that day, but they really did care about us and they took wonderful care of Adison & Lillian!
I have to say I think these women are amazing! I was already very grateful to them for all the wonderful things they did for us, but today they deserve A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!


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