Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This makes me sick!

So I follow the blog of a woman named Carly in Western Australia that started a wonderful project in memory of her son Christian, she and her family write the names of other Angel babies and children in the sand on the beach near there home.
It has taken me weeks ... no months, to gather up the courage to send this wonderful woman a line and ask her to write the names of our girls, I finally did it yesterday morning! However today as I am was looking at her blog, she has a new post..."Being Used...I feel sick!" Apparently a woman here in the states thought it would be a laugh..."he he"..to pretend that she had lost her three children and request there names! The woman considered it "a little white lie"! A LITTLE WHITE LIE! That her children where DEAD!!! You must be joking, oh but NO! NO! NO! She wasn't! She apparently just wanted something new and pretty for home! She even had the nerve to brag about it on a parenting forum!!! How could some one do this! Is she crazy! Has she lost her mind, did she ever have one! Carly and her family have written the names of 2965 children since August 19, 2008! That is amazing, something to be proud of!
Having been where I have/am I would NEVER EVER want to tell someone my children were dead and they weren't! It is hard for me to tell people they are gone, but I can't imagine telling a lie about it! How...Why...Do you have a soul? I think not! How can you even look at your self in the mirror! How can you get dressed in the morning! Or better yet how can this woman kiss her children goodnight?
So to the woman who tells her "little white lie", I feel sorry for you...yes for you! You have to get up each morning and look at yourself in the mirror and kiss and hug your children! (And your right, I can't kiss or hug my daughters!) But YES I feel sorry for you!

And to Carly and your family...I am praying for you! What you do is amazing! And is something to be proud of! Kiss and Hug your girls, and remember you are AMAZING and what you do really touches people...deep down too their core!


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