Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Introduction...

I can not believe my little guy was 2 months old on Sunday!  How is that possible?  Where has the time gone?  Oh yah a lot of it is spent with me just sitting and staring at him!  I still can't believe he is ours!  I am just so in love! I thought I would share a little about how he got here...better late than never right?

Dr. R had made arrangements for me to be induced and have my cerclage removed on Sunday, July 24th because he was on call that night. 

Me and Mr.K's Count Down Clock!
After a day full of visitors, some fun some not so fun...we called in to L&D 6pm, thinking it would be several hours before we were to go but L&D said come on in! That is when it really got real for me and I got super excited/nervous/emotional! 
My Mom and I just before we left for the hospital! 
We got to the hospital and settled in to a new room (we were originally assigned the room I delivered The Girls in so in tears I asked for a new room and the nurses were so nice and understanding and not only did we get to change rooms but we got a VIP room!!)
Shortly after they hooked me up to the monitors we learned that I was having contractions every 4 or 5 minutes and I had no clue!  Dr. R came in and took out my cerclage around 9:00pm.  I was not at all prepared for the pain/discomfort of that!! But when it was out he said things looked good, that I was about 4cm and he suspected little man would arrive some time after midnight and that he would see us then too.  Yippee!
But midnight came and went! Then 3am came and went! Dr.R calling every hour or so for updates. Then at 7am, after Dr.R had delivered 3 other babies and done 2 c-sections, he came to check my progress (or lack of) for himself! I had made it to 6/7cm but my water still had not broken!  So after some decission we all agreed braking it would be best. This is when I actually started feeling the contractions and they went from "oh I  feel them now"(7am) to"Oh I can do this"(9am) to "Oh MY GOODNESS this is intense" (11am)! This is when I asked for the epidural, I'm not sure everything that went on t that point but I do know there was some trouble placing it but they finally got it rightand when everyone came back in the said I was a whole new person. 
Some where around 2pm Dr.R came back and after a quick check said it was time to push!  YAY!  To this dismay of the nurse, he sat down next to me and watched the monitors while I pushed, apparently this isn't normal and it made my nurse pretty uncomfortable...but she got over it!  After about an hour and a half of pushing and numerous checks from Dr. R and the nurse they determined that a) I was not making enough progress and b) Little man was posterior and a c-section was necessary. Bummer! 
Turns out Little Mans head was stuck in my, apparently small, pelvis...he had a bit of a cone head. The OR nurses all commented on it and it made me cry even more than I already was!  It was so unbelievable when Dr. R moved him around the curtain and I saw him for the first time! 

 It was such an unbelievable moment.  I was so in love before he even arrived and then it was like the whole world just stood still.  
Our First Family Picture...

Mr. K introducing him to his grandparents...

His First Bath!
We had some wonderful visits from family and friends at the hospital especially one very excited little boy who now has a cousin and told EVERYONE all about it!  Baby Horse (he needs a new name) was so in love from the moment he saw him!

And we were very happy to come home, even if the first few days were a little crazy (more about that later)!!
Our very jaundice Little Man on the way home!
Life is still so surreal and running in slow motion for he and I.  I suspect that will stop in a few weeks when I go back to work.  But until then I am enjoying the slow pace and just getting to know him. 
This wasn't much of a two month post...I will do my best to get that up tonight along with a few other things I have been working on! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

I am totaly in LOVE with this little guy...
and sometime in the next day or two I will have an acutall update, I just can't pull myself away from him long enough to type an actual post!! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

He is Here!

Just a quick update to let everyone know our little guy has made debut.  I am pleased to introduce

Andrew Wyatt - 7lbs 2ozs - 20 inches long

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers these past few months, they have meant the world to us, we could not be more happy!
I will get all the details up just as soon as we get settled in at home for those interested.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

36 Weeks

How Many Weeks?
Yippee!  Thirty Six Weeks! YIPPEE!! It has definitely been a rough week!  I have been on bed rest for a week now and I have a new found respect for those that have spent months and months on bed rest!  It is unbelievably tiring.

How am I feeling?
Tiered, my hips ache even though I swap sides all of the time.  Any suggestions on that?  I am also increasingly nervous!  I mean I wished and prayed for this little guy for years now, but I never actually thought we would get here!  I have gone threw all of the motions of this pregnancy but in the back of my mind preparing for the worst.  I'm not saying we are all clear but still I am starting to realize that it will be.

Doctors Appointment?
Yesterday afternoon (when I first started this post) my blood pressure got a little high, so I called in to the on call Dr. and she had me come on in.  So off Mr.K and I went to the Drs office, where we waited!  For TWO hours!  I never EVER wait that long for Dr. R!  So by the time I got to actually see the Dr. my bp was 161/108 and that automatically got me sent right over to Labor and Delivery so they could monitor me and BabyH and do some blood work.  When we got there my bp was still high but after lying in the bed for a while it went right down to 130/80. Plus my blood work looked great and the little guy was happy as a clam!  So back home we came!  Dr. R come back on duty on Sunday and is planning on taking out my cerclage and inducing me on Sunday. It is possible that I will get bumped but we shall see! 

Weight Gain?
They didn't weigh me at the Dr. yesterday, so I don't know if I have gained anything but at this point I really don't care.  I see the end and I know that I have alot of extra weight I have been caring around for way to long now and I just plan on getting it all off! 

Baby Preparation?
Everything but ironing his coming home outfit is done and I hoping to have Mr.K do that in the morning!  It feels so weird that there really isn't anything left to do before he gets here! 

I will leave you with a picture of someone who has rarely left my side in over a week...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bed Rest

So as of yesterday afternoon I am officially on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy with Andrew.  When I went to see Dr. R yesterday my bp was pretty high, 152/90 and then 148/89. So Dr. R suggested bed rest at home for now, but if my bp goes up any higher that the 152/90 I am to call in and he is most likely going to admit me. The other tricky part is that Dr.R is on vacation next week and I could he tell he was not keen on something happening while he is out and the truth is, neither am I!  I am very close to him and to his nurses and at this point I'm not prepared for much change. Next week they have me all lined up to see another Dr in the practice and her nurse called to check on me today (even though Dr.R and staff are still in the office) and just to let me know that they will be there for what ever I need next week. So that made me feel a LOT better!  Now to just entertain my self from the comfort of my bed for the next few weeks!  Wish me Luck!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Help

Have you heard of this book?

 The Librarian at school, who is just amazing and I love, recommended it MONTHS ago and I finally got around to reading it last week!   It is based in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi and the African American maids working in white house holds.
It really hit home for me for a few reasons but one thing that really got to me is the that one of the characters has, from my best guess, an incompetent cervix!  I won't give anything away because I really think you should read it!  But what I will say is; as much as women today suffer after losing a child, I can not imagine being in my position in 1960!  It just brakes my heart over and over again to think about what those women must have gone threw every day, the hell that it must have been.  What I took from it was everyone made it all out as the woman's fault!  I can only imagine how much worse that would make losing a child, especailly because they couldn't talk to anyone about it or tell anyone how they felt!  And don't even think about celebrating the child that you lost or doing something to honor them! 
The good thing is that it has made me thankful for the support and love I have gotten from my friends and family in real life (even though I complain about them from time to time) and from all of you, my wonderful friends in blog land. 

Oh and I realized today it is has also been made into a movie!

Weeks 34 and 35

The last two weeks have been crazy busy, but I'm not sure what I have been doing! 
I have had lunch with friends, we had family in from out of town and I finished washing all of the bedding and blankets!  Now to finish the clothes!
Oh and did you notice I changed my Blog Title? I thought it was about time! And I got a GREAT make over from Fran at Small Bird Studios!  Thanks again Fran! 

How Many Weeks?
34/35!!  Tomorrow I am technically 36 weeks, so I am way behind!  But I'm trying so hard to catch up! 

How am I feeling?
I feel pretty good. Some days I have horrible acid reflux, but it tends to get back under control if I eat several small meals during the day, so I have been doing LOTS of snacking! 

Doctor's Appointment?
We saw Dr. K last Friday and to my amazement and excitement BabyH has managed to turn and is now head down!  Yippee!  The appointment went really well and Dr.K estimates that on the small side this little guy is around 7 pounds!  Yes, I said SEVEN on the SMALL side!!  He also said that he thinks it would be fine for Dr.R to take my cerclage out when we see him this week.  I don't know if he is going to, but I guess it is a posabillity!  Mr.K HATES the idea because Dr.R is on vacation next week and he is afraid that means I will go into labor!  Dr.R did tell us he will be in town and could come to the hospital for an emergency, but I really think this little guy will stay put! 

Weight Gain?
Last week at Dr.K's office I got weighed and I had gained 1 more pound, so I am at a whopping 10 pounds gained! 

Baby Preparation?
His Room is all in order and mostly situated.  I am just waiting on the decal to come in to go over the crib, when that happens I will make sure to post a few pictures!  Tomorrow I am going to have the car seat installed!  I know we could do it ourselves but we wanted to make sure that we knew how to do it and there are places all over town that you can go and they will do it for you...for FREE!
One other thing that I ordered did arrive this week...

Lion Seersucker Shortall Two-Piece Set
This is what I am planning on BabyH coming home in!  I saw it online and just had to have it!  We tried a few of the local stores but I couldn't find it, so I finally broke down and ordered it!  And if possible I love it even more than I did online!
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