Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where did November Go?

As I am sitting here eating my breakfast this morning I realized today is the last day of November! How did it fly bye so quickly that I barely noticed? And I know that the rest of the year is going to pass in a whirlwind!
We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, I can't tell you how much I love Mr.K's family! Not that I don't love my family too but there is something about his family...they are so laid back and casual and fun! I loved having them all here on Thursday and I kept myself so busy that I really didn't have a chance to be sad about missing the girls. Although I really did miss them especially with my brothers son, baby horse, he is just so cute and so happy that it made me miss them even that much more.
We finally got our tree set up last night and somehow I am all of the sudden looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. I think part of it is I am really looking forward to closing the door on this year and I am looking forward to all the possibilities that I am hoping next year will bring!
Any way I am hoping to be a better poster threw the end of the year and especially next year, I have been really bad at posting regularly and I had such bigger hopes for myself when I started blogging this year.
Also one last note, if you are a Baby Lost Momma make sure you are heading over to Tina's Blog every day to see where the 25 Days of Give Aways is Today! So you can enter to win something from one of your BLM friends.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maggie and Her Dinner!

Apparently Maggie thought she didn't get enough in her bowl tonight...

But don't worry the bag was all but empty! Who knew all we needed was a food bag for her to play with, we could have saved all that money we spent on toys!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movies Lately

Mr. K and I watch a LOT of movies! And we are not all that picky about the movies, we will give just about anything a chance. Last week we saw Marley and Me, which I know we saw at the theater last year, but I don't remember it...even though I have the ticket stubs! So as we are sitting here watching, tears well up in my eyes while they are at the OB's office. I felt so bad for them, and yes latter I really cried about it, but that is another story.
So then yesterday we saw UP, which was adorable! And totally unexpectedly I found my self crying during the little montage when you realize they can't have children, I never thought I would see that in a "kids" movie but it there it was! Then Ellie is sitting in the yard, not sure what to do and just feeling the sun on her face! So now I know it is not just me that has done that, and somehow I don't feel so bad about sitting out there anymore! If I need to do it...I will!
So to my real point...
Is it just me or is infertility/pregnancy loss showing up more? Is it becoming more mainstream? If so, it breaks my heart a little bit. I don't wish infertility or pregnancy loss on anyone, not even my "arch nemesis". It hurts and it is hard! And I don't know anyone in this situation that's heart doesn't break every time they hear of someones loss. So then I wonder if somehow those people that so many of us have trouble dealing with, will start to understand how we are feeling and that we are not crazy and too just leave us alone! I sure hope they get the message! It really would make my daily life just a little easier!

Just a couple thoughts, I know I am rambling! And I hope I didn't spoil anything for any of you!

Long Time No Post

Wow! Has it really almost been a month since I posted? I guess it has! First I was sick and then both computers were sick, one due to a virus and one due to Maggie and her jaws of death! After that I worked like a million hours in one week and now I have a concussion! Let me tell you it has been a crazy couple of weeks! I am so ready for things to slow down but I know there is no end in sight, at least not until after the Holidays!
Oh the Holidays, are you here already? Last year they snuck up on me and I really didn't want anything to do with them. Mr. K and I had planned for it to be low key seeing as Dr. R had decided that he would induce me the week before Thanksgiving, alas we never made it that far.
All I wanted to do when those days got here was lie in bed, and I did...which is why we nearly missed Mr.K's family Thanksgiving! So this year we have "bravely" decided to host Thanksgiving at our house for Mr. K's family. And truthfully I am really looking forward to it.
See I absolutely LOVE being a hostess! I love all the planning and prepping and cleaning and shopping and everything, it makes me feel like me again! The old happy me. This me...

So I have vowed to immerse myself in the planning and prepping and to think happy, Very HAPPY, thoughts!

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