Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Granny, Oh My!

So today I took my Granny to the Dr, this is a regular thing for me these days! Today was, shall we say, extra EXTRA FUN for several reasons! First, she swore she had exact directions, she didn't! We drove around for thirty minuets before we finally found it! (Just so you know it was not all her fault, there was not a sign!) Second, there was a 15 page questionnaire to fill out, the Nurse had asked to mail it to her last week but she said NO!! (Ofcourse she did) She made it threw 4 pages before she gave up...I ended up filling out the remaining, as she complained about how long it was taking me, plus she was not very helpful giving me the answers that I didn't know! Third, she insisted on talking about ever patient that came in the office going on and on about how large and bad they all looked! And yes some of these people could here her! Forth, she pretended that she couldn't do anything for her self and made the nurse take her shoes and socks off! Fifth, when we finally left-over two hours later, we had to go and get her a new cane. The first place we stopped didn't have the type of cane she needs in stock, so we went on. The second place we went she had been too a few weeks ago and apparently was not very nice to the sales woman, whom was still pretty angry today! The sales woman ended up telling us that there were several other medical supply places down the block and that we would have better luck there! (With a smile she walked us to the door!) Personally I don't think Granny was solely to blame, but I have no way to prove that! We finally found a medical supply place, that can and is willing to get us what she wanted! Seventh, every thing that I suggested to have for lunch she responded with, "I'm not real impressed with that place."! At this point I had had enough, so I took her home and no we did NOT eat lunch! And lastly...while we were at the Dr, he specifically told her she was not to have ANY sodium or Diet Dr Pepper (NONE...ZERO...NADA)! But when we finally arrived home what did she do... well the only thing imaginable, she poured herself a Diet Dr Pepper! At this point I looked at her and said, "I guess you don't want to get any better" to which she said " Yes I do, why would you say that?" I looked at the Diet Dr Pepper she poured and left, there was not anything I could say! Now do you understand why I said "OH MY!"


Lola said...

Granny is one sassy broad!

At least she suckin down fried chicken with that Dr. Pepper!

Congratulations for surviving and steal a box of her wine...you've earned it!

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