Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am not as tech savvy as I like to think!

So for years I have thought of myself as a very tech savvy person, that is until today!
So if you look below, I posted some pictures of my plants...just so you know that took me the better part of an hour (and its still not the pictures I wanted)!! Every time they would load it wouldn't be the pictures that I had selected! And that drove me crazy. Then I was going to post some pictures of the valentine I made, it is cute and thought it would be fun to share...how ever I can't get the darn camera to work properly! It flashes when it shouldn't and doesn't when it should...making the pictures look like poop! Oh of all the times for Mr. K to be at work, he could fix this instantly if he were here...but alas he is not! But why must things be so complicated! I did pull out the manual on the camera (yes I knew exactly where to find it...believe it or not!) but gave up after there were 4, count them 1, 2, 3, 4 pages on how to set the date and time! And yes I know what you are thinking the manual is probably 4"x4" but it isn't, it is more like 5"x7"! I did get the date and time changed, if you look at my flower pictures it says they were taken in 2006, but I didn't read the manual for that! I guess as I get older and all of these crazy things continue to happen to me take up the space in my brain that was for my tech savvyness has gone to being depressed or to holding on repressed feelings! Who knows but I want it back! And quick...I have other things to do today!


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