Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super Exciting News!

I know I have been MIA, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to just happened!

My little part-time job has been to much to handle lately....actually it has been a burden and I hate it! I have been so over run that when I get home at night all I want to do is eat dinner and go to bed, which I have several times in the past few weeks!

And strangely enough when I get over run and stressed out I tend to get depressed, so then I cry and feel down in the dumps and (I hate to admit it this) I have a pity party! Which is a lot of the reason I have not written and have only been occasionally checking in!

But today all of that is going to change!

I QUIT my part-time job!

Because...I got a low stress, full time, with benefits J!O!B!

(Insert a picture of me jumping up and down here!)

I almost immediately quit my little part-time job, well I gave my notice any way. And as much as I wanted to say some very choice things to my boss I didn't! I was polite and even told her I would call if for some reason this new job doesn't work out! Which if I am perfectly honest, I will never do!

Can I tell you how excited I am? It has been a long LONG time since I have been this excited! And just a few hours ago I was sitting here on the verge of tears reading an adorable baby shower invite. Wishing and Hoping that it was for me and not a friend!

But tonight I get to cross one thing off my must do before trying again list! And I can live with that!

Good Bye, Depression!

Hello, New Job and Positive Outlook!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just a Winner...

a week late! I'm so sorry I am so behind in posting this, but things have been crazy busy in the last week and today is the first day I had time to sit down and think about this! And without further ado the winner is...

Franchesca from Handprints from Heaven!!!

Fran- please send me an email at ka_hall(at)att(dot)net and I promise to get it to you a lot quicker than I announced that you won!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and week! I promise an actual post later tonight or tomorrow, I really have a lot to talk about! And I'm going to try to read up on all I have been falling behind on in the past week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

100th Post

I MADE it! Can you believe it? I can't. It has been a rough 16 days...Last week I really didn't think I would make it! Thank you to so many of you reading and commenting, I really do appreciate it!

This past year has been a little crazy and it really is nice to have you all reading and I enjoy getting to know all of you as well! So in honor of all of you, IRL and Blog Friends alike I have a giveaway! I saw this the other day and I thought she was fitting.

She is The Angle of Wishes...

And she is my wish to all of you, well at least too one of you! Truthfully I wish I could give you each one.

So too enter all you need to do is comment to this post, I would love it if you were a follower but it is not a necessity and if you want tell me what your favorite Valentines Day was! As a bonus if you left a comment on any of my last 19 posts, before I wrote this post, you get a bonus entry for each comment! Oh - Lola and T, don't worry I will count your email comments too!

You have until 5:00pm CST Friday February 12th to enter!

Good Luck!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

How do I put this...

Please do not be offended by this post it is just my thoughts and feelings...

I went to High School with a girl, I wouldn't say we were friends exactly but we knew each other...she is my friend on FB, not that that means anything.

A few years after HS she gave birth to a little girl at 24 weeks. After over a year in the NICU and more than a dozen surgeries she came home. Which we all know is a miracle and amazing! The little girl has several very severe health conditions and now she has started having seizures...which I am sure must be terrifying and difficult for her parents to watch. I can not imagine the stress and pain that they go through on a daily basis. And I do feel for them, I really do.

But over the last few weeks her status updates have been about how she hates her life, how much of a struggle it is to be ____ parent and how life is not fair.

She is absolutely is not fair! And I can not imagine what her life is like, but her daughter is with her. She is not in heaven, with MyGirls or any of your babies for that matter. Some days I want to say to her that it could be worse...but I can't imagine ever doing that to anyone! I just wish there was a way for me to make her see show her how much different things could have been. And how blessed she really is.

Sunday Mornings

I normally like to spend my Sunday mornings sleeping in a bit and then having tea and toast on the patio, but it has been much too cold here lately for that! So we have just been staying in bed until we absolutely must get out. Yesterday Mr.K and I were joined by ever so loved furbaby…

Oh did I mention that she brought her duck? The bad part is where she is laying is where my legs were not 10 seconds before she jumped into the bed! I really was hoping she had forgotten how to get on the bed already, but no such luck! I guess this is how I will be spending many a Sunday morning for a while! But she was really good and slept at the foot of the bed for over an hour!

7 Layer Dip...

Can you tell that I am running out of things to write about? I have a couple different things in my head but I’m just not sure about writing them yet! T suggested a while back that I share a recipe or two and seeing as I made this last night I thought I would share it. Even though I’m positive that everyone has made or had this at least once, it is just too easy not to share!

7 Layer Dip

1can - Refried Beans
1can - Bean Dip
1pkg. - Guacamole
1cup - Sour Cream
1/2cup - Mayonnaise
1 pkg. taco seasoning
2cups - Shredded Jack and/or Cheddar Cheese
1can - sliced black olives
1sm. – Tomatoes- Chopped
2 bunches - Green Onion – Chopped

-Combine refried beans and bean dip; spread in bottom of small rectangular baking dish.

- Top bean mixture with guacamole.

-Combine sour cream, mayonnaise, and taco seasoning; layer on top of guacamole.

- Sprinkle with cheeses.

- Then top with olives, tomatoes, and green onion in that order.

- Cover and chill for about three hours - ENJOY!

Note: I like to make my own guacamole and for that I use: 2 large avocados, salt, pepper, garlic and lime juice. If you do use packaged guacamole add a teaspoon or two of lime juice to get if from browning as quickly.

From time to time I will add a half pound or so of taco meat to the bean mixture just to make it a little hardier, plus Mr.K likes it that way!

Oh and if you are wondering we always omit the onions because Mr.K is I guess we just eat 6 Layer Dip!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This was not what I wanted to do today...

Do you ever have those Saturdays when you have nothing planned and hope to do nothing? Yah I didn't think either! Except today we didn't have any concrete plans just things we wanted/needed to do, and none of it happened!

Our original plan was to; sleep in, take Maggie to the DogPark, run to PetsMart, swing in at a happy hour/jewelry showcase and maybe catch a movie. Instead we were woken up EXTRA early from a phone call from my mom! Apparently they made plans for us today! Mr.K and my Dad planted two trees, cut down a bush and added a board to our fence to help keep Maggie in. My mom and I got the pods started for my vegetable garden, took my grandmother to the dollar store, and ran errands for Mr.K and my Dad! Oh what fun! And somehow it took all day! I hate when they make plans for us and don't tell us! And even more than that it drives me crazy that Mr.K and Dad spent all day planting trees and working in the yard of my parents house that they do not even live in! makes me so mad!

The one thing I did get done that I have been wanting to do for weeks was clean of the patio...and I'm supper excited about it! Mr.K and I are going to sit out there with our little fire and take it easy the rest of the night!

Hope you all had a good and productive Saturday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One of those days...

This morning I woke up and I didn't feel like getting out of bed, so I didn't. I really didn't sleep well last night and my head was pounding, so I went back to sleep. Plus it was raining and rain always helps me sleep.

I woke up again at 10am and still I had no interest in getting out of bed! So I didn't, it was not until almost 1pm that I decided that Maggie might need to get out. Out she went and then I was right back to bed!

I just don't feel like myself today, today I am sad...although I haven't really been able to cry! Which really makes it worse. I just wish I knew why I wasn't crying! Not that crying would make me feel better, but something would be better than nothing!

Maggie decided I needed company in bed this afternoon...

She has officially remembered how to get in our bed! Not good!
Any way, I hope you all had a better day then I did and don't worry I'm not going to spend tomorrow in bed...I actually have things I need to do!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who said this was going to be fun?

If you don't already know Mr.K and I do not regularly see his mother, heck we don't ever see her! And truthfully I like it better this way! She is not a fan of me. And I will be the first to tell you the feeling is mutual!

Tonight however TheOldMan (Mr.K's Dad) invited her to dinner, this has happened about 100 times and she has always declined...but tonight she said YES! I was NOT happy about it but I knew I could do it. So off to dinner we went.

I was cordial, I guess, and I spoke and smiled when needed. The best part was I sat down and ordered a glass of wine, if looks could kill I wouldn't be typing this out right now! Apparently she wants grandchildren, I wanted to remind her she has two but, I didn't. Later she asked how it was going getting her a grandchild and I quickly changed the subject.

It is absolutely NONE of her business! She will be lucky if she finds out I am pregnant at all!

She also spent the evening trying to hold Mr.K's hand and staring into his eyes like he was her long lost love! I know that Mr.K means a lot to her and that it was a struggle for her to get him here safely! But after all she has done to him to us what does she think she is doing? I do know this...I do not understand her and I NEVER will!

The one thing I did enjoy was the three glasses of wine I had a dinner...and the fact that she judged me every time I took a sip!


Just a few updates from yesterdays posts...

BethAnne and Stubby both guessed correctly and sadly they were the only guesses at all! So Stubby you get my help with the upcoming move, if you want it? And BethAnne, please submit your request...although I know what it will be, yes I am working on your pants!

I called SiL this afternoon and casually asked about doing the invitations, which was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! At first she said that she had already picked something out and Thanks but No Thanks! But then, I asked what she had picked out and if I could at least attempt to duplicate it, and she said YES! So, really it is only a try-out but that is better than nothing! And it will give me something creative to work on!

And lastly...the cemetery! This morning I had had enough with the cemetery situation and decided I could call and keep my cool! So I phoned and I remained calm...that is until the woman continued to call Lillian, Liliana even after I correct her THREE times! I was polite about it and emphasized the fact that there was no wonder the temporary marker was wrong because she couldn't get it right 20 seconds after I corrected her! She promised to get the temporary marker fixed, we will see how that goes, and supposedly e-mailed a copy of the sketch for the permanent has yet to arrive! But after doing a little research this afternoon I found the number to the management team and I am going to give them a call tomorrow! In my mind they should make every effort to make this as smooth and easy for me as possible, and they haven't...and I have had ENOUGH!

Also, just a little thank you to all of you for your comments yesterday! I really do appreciate them!

I Don't Want to Do the Right Thing

I usually always do the right thing. Except here lately I have been doing the 'wrong' thing.

A while back I forgot to take my BC pill a couple days in a row, so then I just stopped taking it...I kept telling my self I would start taking it again the next day, but that never happened so then 2 months went bye. The worst part was I didn't tell Mr.K, then one day he asked and I started crying so he dropped it..but from that moment I knew, he knew.

We didn't talk about it again and I never started it again. That was November...

Every day I would wake up and say a little prayer to the baby I just knew was in my tummy and every month AF would come visit and I would get a little sad. The whole time I knew I should start taking it, but for some reason I could not make my self do it. Then two weeks ago I started having these cramps and I got all freaked out, so I went to see Dr.R...hoping/wishing/ praying that he would say I was pregnant and afraid beyond belief that something was wrong. Alas he did not and then last week AF came to visit, again.

But finally Mr.K and I had a real conversation about it...I teared up but it was still a productive conversation.

Last night I started taking my BC again.

It is not what I want, it is just what I need to do. Because I do the right thing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I just need to ask...

I want to ask the SiL if I can design and take care of making the invitations for BabyHorses First Birthday, and yes I know it is over a month away but I'm thinking ahead!

I'm really trying to prepare myself to celebrate his big day, and I thought this would be a good way to test the waters. I have come so far this past year and I feel like I missed out a lot on the first few weeks and months of his life and I hate that. So maybe this would be a way to start making up for it. And maybe I could feel like I am part of it all, not that it matters. But her brother and sisters are very close to BabyHorse and it makes me feel left out, even though I know it is my own fault.

I really want to ask her, yes I know it can't hurt to ask, but I don't want her to say no! And because of that I haven't asked...I know I'm silly. But I am really afraid of her saying no, I don't want to feel rejected. I wish I could do the wrong thing and just tell her I'm doing them, but that is NOT me. And I would never ever want someone to do that to me!

Now if I can just gather the nerve to ask...

Once Upon a Time...

We had an SD card for our camera that looked like this...

Now it looks like this...

As her "punishment" I made her pose for this picture...

But don't worry...The week before I was trying to clean off some of the junk on the card and managed to delete EVERY picture on it! Go Me!

Why can't you do your job?

About a week ago the people from the cemetery called to let us know that The Girls temporary marker had finally arrived and had been placed! I was super excited, we had been waiting so long. Over the weekend Mr.K and I finally made out to see it and this is what we found...

Needless to say I was not happy! We have gone over the specifics with them about a million times, how could they have gotten it wrong? I need to call them and discuss it and make sure the permanent marker will be correct, but I am just so angry right now I can't do it! I don't want to say anything that I will regret and here lately I just can not control my temper, which is not like me at all! Last week I got very upset with a woman from our car insurance company and I called her so very ugly names...I fell horribly about it and I don't want to do it again. So for now I will wait and try to get Mr.K to call! I just wish someone would do their job!


Mr.K thought it was funny that you can see what we were watching last night in the pictures of Maggie and he thought it would be funny to do a giveaway! So...

If you can correctly identify what Mr.K and I were watching last night you will win a prize, yet to be determined...but it will be good - I promise! So make your guesses and I will select a random winner from the correct answers! You have until Tuesday February 2nd at 5:00pm CST and anyone can enter!

Don't be shy...Make a Guess!

Good Luck!

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