Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Sunday Nights

For the most part on Sundays Mr.K and I get all our running and doing done early in the day and around 5 or 6 sit down for dinner and then catch up on everything on the DVR or watch a movie. It is a nice way for us to relax before our week starts and I like taking it easy on Sundays. A few years ago we discovered that the only way to keep me awake was to play cards...which I don't mind at all! So tonight, as with any other Sunday, we played Skip-Bo except tonight we had some help... And even though I have the laptop she is still sitting between the two of us. At first I thought it was funny, but now I'm beginning to wonder if she is trying to protect me from Kevin...we shall see!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strange Advertising

So I saw this the other day and I couldn't help but take a picture...
I didn't know school buses were being used to advertise pizza places, but apparently the school district is in need of some money or at least I guess! Anyway if you think about it is pretty funny!

And don't worry I was stopped at a light when I took this picture! Even though I did happen to get a ticket that day but it wasn't at this point! Oh and I do have an actual post for later!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

International Babylost Mothers Day

I just spent a while visiting Carly's new site...she is so amazing! And the site is beautiful!

This year International Babylost Mothers Day is Sunday the Second of May.
Go and visit and spread the word.
Any ideas on what you will do on this special day?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm a Coupon Shopper

My last post made me think...

Did you know that I am a bargain shopper? I shop with coupons...I buy just about EVERYTHING with coupons!

I can feed Mr.K and I, about, three meals a day for a month for $100 or less. Oh and you need too consider that we also feed my Grandmother two or three nights a week. And when I was feeding my Mom and Dad on a regular basis that only went up too about $150. Yes I am the woman you hate to get behind in line at the Supermarket. The one that has all of the circulars from all of the other stores and coupons to go along with it. The only down side it takes me two or three times longer to grocery shop then anyone else I know...but I'm pretty sure it is worth it!
There are only two things that I always have in my pantry & freezer that I will buy with out a coupon...Peanut butter and Blue Bell Ice Cream. We always have both, and not just one container. Right now, for instance, we have 3 half gallons in the house freezer and 2 in the garage freezer...we like Blue Bell, can you tell? And I caught it on sale!

And don't worry, I can do the same thing with clothes! Right now I have on a shirt I bought two weeks ago for $1.25, it was originally $35.00 and yes I had a coupon! I couldn't tell you the last thing I bought that was not on sale. Everyone I know IRL, wants/has me shop for them...I love it!

So this is my coupon shopping advice for you:

  • Clip it even if you don't use it. Many areas of groups that gather too swap coupons.
  • Try to combine your coupon use with sales.
  • Your best bet on places to shop are those that honor others sales prices and/or those that double and triple coupons.
  • Make a list, and stick to it.
  • Use online resources for coupons, some of the best coupons I use come from here!
  • If you shop at a particular store regularly register with them online, they will send you coupons and many times let you know about special sales.
  • Watch for special days when stores double coupons up to a dollar...these specials can save you a lot of money!
  • Some stores will give you a store coupon for purchasing a particular item...that is basically free money! Make sure to use them!
  • And the BIGGEST thing...make sure you know the stores coupon and sales regulations! It can really hurt you if you don't follow the rules!

Please don't think I'm crazy, it really works! Happy Coupon Shopping!

What do you do to save money?

It cost what?

Mr.K says that I don't pay enough attention to my surroundings when I am out and about alone. Today I think he was wrong. Today I over heard the following conversation:

Woman in Red: The plane tickets were free, we are using our frequent flyer miles.

The Friend: Oh OK and where are you staying?

Woman in Red:We haven't worked that out yet, but I'm sure I will today.

The Friend: And how much were the tickets?

Woman in Red: 6.

The Friend: 6 what? 6 dollars? 6 million...what?

Woman in Red: Six THOUSAND Dollars.

The Friend: Each!?!

I couldn't hear what the Woman in Red said exactly, but she shook her head yes!

The Friend: WOW! You must be a HUGE fan!

Woman in Red: Well we lived in New Orleans all our lives before we moved here five years ago, so yeah we are!

At this point I realized they were talking about the Super Bowl! I freaked out a bit but continued what I was doing and stopped listening. I really couldn't get it threw my head...$6,000 EACH! $12,000 for TWO tickets too the Super Bowl!!! I had NO idea they went for that much!! Is that normal? Is that legal? I'm sure it is, but Goodness Gracious that's a heck of a lot of money! When the Super Bowl was in Houston a few years ago, a vendor offered me tickets, but I didn't really have that much interest in going and one of my co-workers needed four I gave her my two tickets. And before you freak out, don't worry it was Mr.K's idea...he's not really in to sports. We generally watch college football and some baseball, but that is about it!

As I was working, I kept thinking about what I could do with $12,000! That's a LOT of money! A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!! I even started thinking about what I could do with $6,000...because lets face it that still is a LOT of money!

So with $6,000 I think I would pay off a few bills and then save the rest! And maybe just maybe buy a pair of these...

I have wanted them since I was in college...but not exactly something a girl in Pasadena, Texas needs! And lets face it, I wouldn't actually buy them...but I might just go and look at them.

And with $12,000 I would save a big part of it and probably start my own design business, well do it full time any way.

So here is my question for you...what would you do with $6,000 or even $12,000?

Just so you know... no matter what I think I would spend the money on most of it would go to the lets have a baby fund.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cuddle Bug!

I told you..expect a few about Maggie!

So since Maggie had her surgery she has become quite a is actually pretty funny, if you are on the couch, she wants to be right there with you! Most of the time Mr.K and I spend watching TV is spent like this...

Yes I know Mr. K needs a hair cut and I can't believe a posted a photo of myself with out makeup, but oh well...that's me!

When I am trying to work or do something in the afternoon, I'm lucky if she will lie next to me!

She would rather I let her get on the keyboard!

And when Mr.K tried to take a nap on Saturday afternoon, she wanted to join in on that too!

She is so funny! Right now she is begging to go and play with the little girls across the street, but they still have homework to do!

I have a Goal!

Last year when I started this blog in the back of my head I thought there was no reason in the world that I could not put up 100 or even 200 post in a year's time! I mean I have so many things running around in my head; this has got to be easy, real easy!

Boy oh Boy was I WRONG! Her; I am 16 days from my first blogversary and low and behold I have only posted 80 times! That really doesn't even seem possible, but it is very true! Go ahead is right over there --------------->

I know I can't believe it either! Only 80 times, oh wait this will count as number 81! So this is my goal, I want to hit 100 by or on the 9th of February!! Meaning I have 20 19 post to put up in 16 days...1.1875 post per day, or I guess 6 post every 5 days...seems doable enough though, I guess! And I hope I don't end up just putting up pictures of Maggie to get there, actually I promise I won't! But please expect one or two!

So bear with me these next 16 days...any suggestions on what to talk about? Because to tell the truth as soon as I thought of this my head fell empty! And really if you know me at all you know I will talk/write about anything!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A new Friend...I Don't Think So!

Mr.K and I went to a friends house for a Rose Bowl/Dinner party. It was really nice to get out of the house and I was really looking forward to meeting one of the other couples that was going to be there because our hostess kept saying how much we had in common and she really hoped we could help each other and that intrigued me! So we went over and I had high hopes for how the evening would play out, I was really hoping to make a new friend. But that's not what happened. I left feeling angry and offended.

I met a woman, around my age and from what she told me she is struggling from infertility. As soon as this came up I understood what my friend & hostess had meant, and I was glad that she thought that maybe we could become good friends. But as we sat there and the night went on, I didn't feel that way at all. I felt like I was meeting a woman that was using her infertility and in a way that felt wrong and almost like she was making sure you felt sorry for her. Now don't get me wrong, I get that...I guess. But there were so many parts of her struggle that didn't add up.

They have been trying to conceive for over three years now, a point that she repeated again and again. She has spoken about their struggle to her OBGYN but did not follow his instructions. She did start taking the clomid that he prescribed but did not follow the instructions exactly. She knows she should see a specialist, but she won't go. She also knows she probably needs a new OBGYN, she won't do that either. (Her OBGYN has a reputation in our area from being old fashion and extremely wacky) I recommended her giving Dr. R a call and at least just meeting with him and getting his opinion but she didn't want to do that either!

I understand the whole being in denial thing so I thought if I told her our story she might consider making a change, if that really was what she wanted. But instead she made me feel like everything that happened with the girls was my fault! And that her problems were much worse than mine!!!! She even had the nerve to say that God had a way of taking care of things that aren't meant to be and my girls must have not been good enough to come here!!! Who says that kind of SHIT to a person! Even if you think it...who says it!

I can't say that I understand her struggle with infertility but I feel I am compassionate and understanding. For over a year now I have read so many of your stories of infertility and your struggles in getting pregnant again after a loss...but I never felt like you judge anyone that did not struggle to conceive and then lost a child, I don't feel like you judge at all. So how can she sit there and judge me to my face and say it was my fault!?!

I left dinner that night so angry I couldn't even think straight! I don't know how to deal with this woman and I don't want to! But twice now we have both been invited to dinner at our mutual friends house..and both times we didn't know they had been invited. The first time I only spoke when directly spoken too and avoided eye contact with her the entire time and shortly after dinner we politely made and excuse and left. The second time we arrived early and quickly learned they were coming! Like a baby I sent a text to my mom and asked her to call and make up and emergency to get us out of it! Thankfully she did and we left before they even got there! I feel like a coward! Who dose that! This is not who I am! But still I did it!

And I feel guilty!

And I am angry!

A Few Confessions

Well I really meant to do better at blogging then this, but I haven't!

I have wanted to write, I just don't seem to know how to right now...

I met a girl around my age at dinner at a friends house a few weeks ago and I she got me all flustered and irritated! I'm still mad about it, even though I swore to Mr.K it wasn't bothering me anymore! I have started a post about the whole thing I just haven't finished it is a work in progress!

Here lately every time I think things are finally going to right way...turns out they aren't!

I have been a bad friend to blog friends...I haven't been on here in almost a week! I'm doing my best to catch up now! I'm sorry if I haven't commented - sometimes I just don't know what to say!

I have been a bad friend to my IRL friends too...I don't know what to say to any of you either these days! Please bare with me.

I went to the Dr. this week because I have been sick and about had a conniption when I realized how much I weigh, I won't go into details...but if I was a bit taller I good probably play football! It made me sick and depressed and I ate ice cream to make myself feel better as well as made all kinds of snack food and baked goods! Go Me! I'm sure I gained another 5 pounds!

I want to get pregnant. Mr.K wants to have another baby, the truth is we just can't afford it. And I hate that! That makes the whole thing worse! Part of me doesn't even care!

I started having these strange and bad cramps last Thursday so I made an appointment to see Dr.R, even though I felt silly doing so, I feel am paranoid...but when I called the scheduling department she said they couldn't fit me in so I asked to be transferred to his nurse, she came to the line and was immediately concerned and squeezed me in! That made me feel better! I got there and Dr.R had been called to the hospital for an emergency...I'm going back tomorrow, I don't know why...the pains stopped I just want him to tell me everything is OK.

I have six loads of laundry I need to do. Mr.K might not have any clean jeans for work tomorrow but somehow I don't care!

I only got out of my PJ's today because of necessity and I was angry about it the whole time!


This was not at all what I started out to blog about ..but I somehow feel better now!

Anything you want to confess? Feel free to do is surprisingly refreshing, or at least I think it is!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 is Long Gone!

Wow! I really never meant to take such a long brake from blogging…I guess that just happens from time to time! And I never meant for this to be what I would write about, but oh well! I know exactly where I’ve been - right here at home, reading. I have a new love addiction obsession with Twilight. Yes I am a little embarrassed, but I can’t seem to get enough of these books. I did not really know anything about the books until I went back to work last year and the new girl that was hired while I was gone really REALLY loved them! And because she didn’t know me or anything that had gone on with the girls, we quickly became friends – I needed someone who would acknowledge my existence! When the movies came out she took a day of vacation so she could see the movie at midnight. And even thought she really had me intrigued it took me several months after the girls were born to start reading again and it was very far from the top of must read list. But this winter I have had a lull in my reading list and was looking for something to pick up. Thankfully BethAnne took care of that for me and bought the first two books for me for my birthday…which I was super EXCITED about! Any way here just a few weeks later I have read all four books and I find myself wishing for more! I even had to run to WalMart when we were visiting the Old Man for New Years to get book number three so I wouldn’t explode! And yes I feel very silly, but oh well! I wish I understood my love of these books but I don’t know what it is. I do know that in book two I really connected with Bella and her broken heart, which is EXACTLLY how I felt after the girls were born! The world was going on without me and I didn’t even notice! Even though some days I feel like I could so easily go right back to that place, if I wanted, but I feel so far from it at the same time. I really don’t want to go back to that place, I might not be super Happy either, but I am getting bye – and that’s all that matters! Right?

I have been doing my best to cheek in every few days and see what going on with all of you and doing my best to comment, even though I’m not always good at it…I’m hoping to get better. I am really thankful for this community, I really think it has gotten me a lot further then I couldn’t have gotten myself. And again I am truthfully thankful! I have high hopes for 2010 and I’m planning on being a little better at blogging regularly this year, but obviously I haven’t done so well thus far. I’m also planning on doing my best to get in to shape and lose some weight, I think I might join in
Erika’s Skinny Tuesday…it really is a great idea! So that is my goal for next week!

Marie at
My Expected End nominated me for an award weeks ago, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet…hopefully I will get to it today! If not soon, I promise! I don’t know if I am the only one that dose this but I have about a 10 different post partially composed in my head, I just need to sit down and write them out! One of which I am going to start as soon as I post this!
So Happy 2010! I know I am late, but oh well…Better Late than Never!

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