Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who said this was going to be fun?

If you don't already know Mr.K and I do not regularly see his mother, heck we don't ever see her! And truthfully I like it better this way! She is not a fan of me. And I will be the first to tell you the feeling is mutual!

Tonight however TheOldMan (Mr.K's Dad) invited her to dinner, this has happened about 100 times and she has always declined...but tonight she said YES! I was NOT happy about it but I knew I could do it. So off to dinner we went.

I was cordial, I guess, and I spoke and smiled when needed. The best part was I sat down and ordered a glass of wine, if looks could kill I wouldn't be typing this out right now! Apparently she wants grandchildren, I wanted to remind her she has two but, I didn't. Later she asked how it was going getting her a grandchild and I quickly changed the subject.

It is absolutely NONE of her business! She will be lucky if she finds out I am pregnant at all!

She also spent the evening trying to hold Mr.K's hand and staring into his eyes like he was her long lost love! I know that Mr.K means a lot to her and that it was a struggle for her to get him here safely! But after all she has done to him to us what does she think she is doing? I do know this...I do not understand her and I NEVER will!

The one thing I did enjoy was the three glasses of wine I had a dinner...and the fact that she judged me every time I took a sip!


Elizabeth said...

Man...I am dying for a drink. I haven't drank in 2 years. My ex inlaws are people I will never quite understand. Especially the ex mother in law. I recently listened to an iterview Adams attorney did with her and after reading your post about your "lovely" night with your mother in law I am dying to join you for a drink. Sorry you had to sit through dinner with her but know I'm thinking about you. *hugs*

Marie W said...

Horrid. Sounds like my MIL. The glasses of wine sound lovely.

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