Saturday, February 6, 2010

This was not what I wanted to do today...

Do you ever have those Saturdays when you have nothing planned and hope to do nothing? Yah I didn't think either! Except today we didn't have any concrete plans just things we wanted/needed to do, and none of it happened!

Our original plan was to; sleep in, take Maggie to the DogPark, run to PetsMart, swing in at a happy hour/jewelry showcase and maybe catch a movie. Instead we were woken up EXTRA early from a phone call from my mom! Apparently they made plans for us today! Mr.K and my Dad planted two trees, cut down a bush and added a board to our fence to help keep Maggie in. My mom and I got the pods started for my vegetable garden, took my grandmother to the dollar store, and ran errands for Mr.K and my Dad! Oh what fun! And somehow it took all day! I hate when they make plans for us and don't tell us! And even more than that it drives me crazy that Mr.K and Dad spent all day planting trees and working in the yard of my parents house that they do not even live in! makes me so mad!

The one thing I did get done that I have been wanting to do for weeks was clean of the patio...and I'm supper excited about it! Mr.K and I are going to sit out there with our little fire and take it easy the rest of the night!

Hope you all had a good and productive Saturday!


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