Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't Want to Do the Right Thing

I usually always do the right thing. Except here lately I have been doing the 'wrong' thing.

A while back I forgot to take my BC pill a couple days in a row, so then I just stopped taking it...I kept telling my self I would start taking it again the next day, but that never happened so then 2 months went bye. The worst part was I didn't tell Mr.K, then one day he asked and I started crying so he dropped it..but from that moment I knew, he knew.

We didn't talk about it again and I never started it again. That was November...

Every day I would wake up and say a little prayer to the baby I just knew was in my tummy and every month AF would come visit and I would get a little sad. The whole time I knew I should start taking it, but for some reason I could not make my self do it. Then two weeks ago I started having these cramps and I got all freaked out, so I went to see Dr.R...hoping/wishing/ praying that he would say I was pregnant and afraid beyond belief that something was wrong. Alas he did not and then last week AF came to visit, again.

But finally Mr.K and I had a real conversation about it...I teared up but it was still a productive conversation.

Last night I started taking my BC again.

It is not what I want, it is just what I need to do. Because I do the right thing.


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It's so hard!!

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