Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It cost what?

Mr.K says that I don't pay enough attention to my surroundings when I am out and about alone. Today I think he was wrong. Today I over heard the following conversation:

Woman in Red: The plane tickets were free, we are using our frequent flyer miles.

The Friend: Oh OK and where are you staying?

Woman in Red:We haven't worked that out yet, but I'm sure I will today.

The Friend: And how much were the tickets?

Woman in Red: 6.

The Friend: 6 what? 6 dollars? 6 million...what?

Woman in Red: Six THOUSAND Dollars.

The Friend: Each!?!

I couldn't hear what the Woman in Red said exactly, but she shook her head yes!

The Friend: WOW! You must be a HUGE fan!

Woman in Red: Well we lived in New Orleans all our lives before we moved here five years ago, so yeah we are!

At this point I realized they were talking about the Super Bowl! I freaked out a bit but continued what I was doing and stopped listening. I really couldn't get it threw my head...$6,000 EACH! $12,000 for TWO tickets too the Super Bowl!!! I had NO idea they went for that much!! Is that normal? Is that legal? I'm sure it is, but Goodness Gracious that's a heck of a lot of money! When the Super Bowl was in Houston a few years ago, a vendor offered me tickets, but I didn't really have that much interest in going and one of my co-workers needed four I gave her my two tickets. And before you freak out, don't worry it was Mr.K's idea...he's not really in to sports. We generally watch college football and some baseball, but that is about it!

As I was working, I kept thinking about what I could do with $12,000! That's a LOT of money! A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!! I even started thinking about what I could do with $6,000...because lets face it that still is a LOT of money!

So with $6,000 I think I would pay off a few bills and then save the rest! And maybe just maybe buy a pair of these...

I have wanted them since I was in college...but not exactly something a girl in Pasadena, Texas needs! And lets face it, I wouldn't actually buy them...but I might just go and look at them.

And with $12,000 I would save a big part of it and probably start my own design business, well do it full time any way.

So here is my question for you...what would you do with $6,000 or even $12,000?

Just so you know... no matter what I think I would spend the money on most of it would go to the lets have a baby fund.


Amy said...

I would pay off my credit cards, which really isn't that much, and then if I get into grad school, pre-pay tuition for the 2.5-3 yrs it's going to take me.

Or maybe be able to make a down payment on a house after paying off the credit cards. But with all that, I'm never going to have that, so whats the point in thinking about it. It just depresses me. :( I would do so much more than spend it on a few hours of my life.

Jayme said...

I'd totally put it down on a new family vehicle. Our Suburban has bit the dust and has been a lawn ornament for the last couple months, and I really miss having a second car. Right now we only have my sedan, and we don't all fit in it.

Marie W said...

Pay for my TAC out of pocket with Dr. D., buy some shoes, shoes, shoes, and shoes, and oh, some shoes. :-) Maybe some more curriculum materials for my students.

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