Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Few Confessions

Well I really meant to do better at blogging then this, but I haven't!

I have wanted to write, I just don't seem to know how to right now...

I met a girl around my age at dinner at a friends house a few weeks ago and I she got me all flustered and irritated! I'm still mad about it, even though I swore to Mr.K it wasn't bothering me anymore! I have started a post about the whole thing I just haven't finished it is a work in progress!

Here lately every time I think things are finally going to right way...turns out they aren't!

I have been a bad friend to blog friends...I haven't been on here in almost a week! I'm doing my best to catch up now! I'm sorry if I haven't commented - sometimes I just don't know what to say!

I have been a bad friend to my IRL friends too...I don't know what to say to any of you either these days! Please bare with me.

I went to the Dr. this week because I have been sick and about had a conniption when I realized how much I weigh, I won't go into details...but if I was a bit taller I good probably play football! It made me sick and depressed and I ate ice cream to make myself feel better as well as made all kinds of snack food and baked goods! Go Me! I'm sure I gained another 5 pounds!

I want to get pregnant. Mr.K wants to have another baby, the truth is we just can't afford it. And I hate that! That makes the whole thing worse! Part of me doesn't even care!

I started having these strange and bad cramps last Thursday so I made an appointment to see Dr.R, even though I felt silly doing so, I feel am paranoid...but when I called the scheduling department she said they couldn't fit me in so I asked to be transferred to his nurse, she came to the line and was immediately concerned and squeezed me in! That made me feel better! I got there and Dr.R had been called to the hospital for an emergency...I'm going back tomorrow, I don't know why...the pains stopped I just want him to tell me everything is OK.

I have six loads of laundry I need to do. Mr.K might not have any clean jeans for work tomorrow but somehow I don't care!

I only got out of my PJ's today because of necessity and I was angry about it the whole time!


This was not at all what I started out to blog about ..but I somehow feel better now!

Anything you want to confess? Feel free to do is surprisingly refreshing, or at least I think it is!


Elizabeth said...

I have rats in my AZ room, it leaked with this recent rain, I don't get to see my step son, his mother is a neglectful witch, I feel constantly cranky lately, I wish I had more IRL friends (not that I think I could be a good friend to them right now), I can't sleep lately, I have to force myself to do anything productive......whooo. You were right it does feel good to vent. My thoughts and prayers are with you. *hugs*

Marie W said...

Welcome back! Rant and rave all you want! My confession -I am tired of being strong. When I don't feel like doing laundry - I just wash the things hubby will need for 2 or 3 days. Hugs o you girlie!

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