Monday, January 25, 2010

Cuddle Bug!

I told you..expect a few about Maggie!

So since Maggie had her surgery she has become quite a is actually pretty funny, if you are on the couch, she wants to be right there with you! Most of the time Mr.K and I spend watching TV is spent like this...

Yes I know Mr. K needs a hair cut and I can't believe a posted a photo of myself with out makeup, but oh well...that's me!

When I am trying to work or do something in the afternoon, I'm lucky if she will lie next to me!

She would rather I let her get on the keyboard!

And when Mr.K tried to take a nap on Saturday afternoon, she wanted to join in on that too!

She is so funny! Right now she is begging to go and play with the little girls across the street, but they still have homework to do!


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