Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

So after our mosquito filed day on Thursday we made our way down to the beach on Friday! And boy did we have fun...it was overcast but still fun! On the way down to the beach, we saw the most beautiful old cemetery full of wildflowers! We walked around for over an hour, some of the graves were from the 1700's...even before Texas became a state! I wish my pictures could show the true beauty, but they don't!
After that we went to the Seawall and ate our lunch, and the clouds finally started to lift! Before the hurricane last year there was actual beach up and down the seawall but now there are only a few sections that still have beach front!

When we finished our lunch we made our way to a section with some beach, and on the way I got the only picture of B&D together for the entire weekend! And yes I know it is of there backs!! But it is still cute!

So we finally made our way down to the actual beach...woowhoo! I attempted to wright Calypso's Name in the sand...it did not go as well as I hoped but it still looks OK!
The last activity of the day was the ferry ride...I haven't been on a big ferry in years (meaning on you can get our of your car)! So we went up to the top deck and watched...and we made a friend...

That little bird sat on top of that flag pole the entire time we were on the boat! WOW that was a long Friday!

Saturday we went to a Truck show...Mr.K was in charge of the camera...and I am guessing my the pictures he really wants to turn his little truck in to a project truck...this could be bad, we already have several project cars! His pictures are pretty consistent...truck, truck, truck! I think I am in trouble!

Sunday B&D left EARLY! And Mr.K and I went to the local farmers market...they grow all of there fruits and vegetables out behind the building and this year they are letting you go and pick your own strawberries! And pick we did! We ended up with 10lbs of strawberries! I have already made strawberry bread, strawberry pie and strawberry preserves! This afternoon I am going to make a strawberry cake too! Wow! Just so you know I LOVE strawberries!

And I might LOVE strawberries, but don't let Mr.K fool you...

he had a GREAT time!

And there is one more EXCITING part of our weekend, but it will wait until this afternoon...this post is much much to long!


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