Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have you wondered?

Have you ever wondered why I called my blog "What's Cooking...or NOT!"? Well a friend did and it occurred to me that some of you might want an answer to that question too.

For those of you that know me in real life you know that I LOVE to cook! I cook and bake almost every day! But I never wanted this blog to be about cooking, and it is not. It is just about me and my every day; the good, the bad, the real bad and everything in between! But why call it that you might ask...

When I returned to work I was very nervous, when I left two of my coworkers had just had babies (one had twins)! But 6 weeks later the one with twins was no longer with the company and the other had been promoted, she went from being my friend to being my boss, and the transition didn't go so well! But I got there early that morning sat down at my desk and started to go threw what I had missed in the past 6 weeks...and boy had I missed a lot! About 30 minuets in my phone rang, "no big deal, I can do this" I told my self. So I answered and it was a client that had been working with before I left! Oh good, I thought, she will know. She won't ask about my pregnancy, life will just go on! WRONG! The conversation went something like this:

me: How is the house coming along?
her: Forget about the house, how are those babies your cooking in that tummy of yours!
me: (my mouth is hanging wide open) Well umh, it's not...
her: What do you mean? I know your cooking...your not due for a few more months, no one has said anything about you since you have been gone, I really need to know!

At this point I am sobbing and looking to my coworker for help! So I asked the client to hold so I could gain my composure. I sat there for over ten minuets just crying, and everyone staring at me! Finally I calmed down enough to pick the phone back up. This is what I said:
"I am so sorry that no one in the gallery let you know that my pregnancy did not go as planned and today is my first day back at work after loosing my daughters. Thank you for your interest. How can I help you with your project?"
I spent an additional 30 minuets on the phone with her that morning, after which I hid in the ladies and cried. My coworkers never asked what had gone on, they just handed me a tissue.

I got home that night and instead of fixing dinner, I went to bed. I did not cook or bake for over a month. I couldn't...I did not even want to go into the kitchen. About six weeks after I returned to work a package arrived for me at the office, it was from the client I had spoken to my first day back. Inside the box was a lovely note (apologizing for her behavior), a cookbook (all about chocolate) and an apron! When I called to thank her for her generosity she asked if I would meet her for lunch, which I did. We sat an talked for over an hour, she explained that she and her husband had lost two children many years ago when they were first married. And she was shocked at herself for being so adamant about my pregnancy.

When I went home that night, I cooked up a storm . I don't know why but I felt better! So a few months later when I sat down to start this blog...that's what I called it! It fit and it made since, well to me!


Courtney said...

Well thanks for the explanation. I am glad that you got back into doing what you love!


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