Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Mr. K and I had a really nice weekend.
Every year we go to my see my family in Dallas and it is always a lot of fun!
Last year's Memorial Day Gathering was when we spilled the beans about the girls. And it was so much fun, I had just really started to show and we took all of the ultrasound pictures. It was really fun! I mean who doesn't like to be the center of attention!
It didn't even occur to me what last year had been like until Mr. K and I were in the car, at one point I eve asked him if we could turn around! We spent most of our time with B&D and my other cousin Beth Anne, the best thing about the three of them is that they get it! They actually acknowledge the girls and they make sure we know it!
While we were in Dallas we learned that one of my cousins is expecting her forth child. I have VERY mixed feelings about it! And I feel really bad about it! I have always worried about her children and their well being, but after seeing them on Saturday I felt worse and I almost had a panic attack! It also made me sad because it really hit how much I wished the girls would have been there! My parents were there and I really noticed how proud they are of Colt. I wish my parents had that with Adison and Lillian! I wish Adison and Lillian had that with my parents!
On Sunday we drove to Bryan College Station for Mr. K's family gathering! It was a blast!! There were so many people! And The Old Man (Mr.K's Dad) had such a blast! He really likes getting people together and being with family, even if he doesn't like people! But a good family friend came with her grandchildren...I have never seen the Old Man so excited! He loves kids, and loves having them on the farm! He took them all on a hay ride and I think he was more excited then the kids! Being with Mr.K's family made me miss the girls, but at the same time it made me realize that one day Mr.K and I will try again, but in the mean time we have a lot of things we should be thankful for. Even if the one thing I want the most is a lifetime away!


Donna said...

I just saw this post and wanted to make a comment. My daughter is buried 3 hours away from where we live. Sometimes it's really hard because I want to just stop by and see her - but mostly I don't mind. She's always with me in my heart. Sometimes going to visit her grave makes me more sad than I would have been otherwise.

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