Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Patio Party Here We Come!

So Mr. K & I live just to the Southeast of Houston, and last year we had a hurricane! Ike made it's way to our coast just a few days after The Girl's were born and long before the announcements went out Mr. K and I made our way North to The Old Man's (Mr.K's Dad)! But during the hurricane our patio cover was blown far far away! It really wasn't a bad thing...it was pretty old and we wanted a new one, so in a way it was a blessing!

But last weekend, the patio construction company was finally able to come out and put up a new patio cover! I know it seams silly but I have missed having a patio, even the old one! But now I have a New Big Fancy Patio! We have had breakfast and dinner out there the past few days and it was wonderful!! Here are a few pictures of our new patio!

Now all I need is a new Patio Table and then we can have a Patio Party!


Amy said...

LOVES!!! Patio party is right friend! Can't wait until I make it back so we can sit & have a beer. Or I guess me & your hubby can have a beer & you can have a strawberry margarita!

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