Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What to Do?

So every time Mr. K and I go to the Big D, we talk about moving. We like Houston just fine, but we really wouldn't mind moving. It would be nice to be somewhere new. And not just Dallas, we have even considered San Antonio or Austin. Any way let me get to the point! This weekend we really REALLY realized that we want to get out of Houston. And we actually have the opportunity, well sorta But when Mr. K first said something about it I said NO! Absolutely NOT! I can't imagine moving away anymore! I mean the girls are here, we live less than 20 minuets from the cemetery...I can go out there when ever I want, and I do! But if we moved away we would be 4 or more hours from the cemetery. And I know that's not very far, but when compared to where we are seams unbearable! Mr.K said that if we move he would never hesitate to drive me down if we ever needed to and I like that! Mr.K and I really like the idea of being closer to particular friends and family! And none of them live in Houston. I know that we would come here regularly because my parents are here and the Old Man is not far, but it will still be different than what we have now. So this my question...I know some of you live a good distance from where your child or children are buried, and how do you feel about it?


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