Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm a criminal...who knew!

In December I lost my job, and for the better part of the past 5 months I have been diligently looking for a new one...with no luck! I have gotten a few calls, but not as many as I figured I would get! Last week I decided to apply for a substitute teaching position, at least that way I would have a pay check! Or so I thought!
But I got a phone call the next day and it went something like this:
HR woman: Have you ever lived in Oklahoma?
Me: No, I have lived in Texas all my life.
HR: Have you ever visited Oklahoma?
Me: No.
HR: So there is no reason you would have committed a felony in Oklahoma?
Me: Um...NO! No reason at all.
HR: Well there is a woman in Oklahoma that has committed two felony's, you have the same name and birth date! However I see that Hall is your married name, would you mind telling me how long you have been married?
Me: I got married last August. I have been a Hall for less than a year!
HR: OK, well thank you for clarifying, I will resubmit your application. You shouldn't have anything else to worry about!

Come to find out a woman with my same married name and birth date committed several felony's, in Oklahoma in 2001 and 2002. No one has given me specifics but apparently the crimes are pretty bad, and truthfully I don't want to know the details!

Yesterday I got a letter from the company that provided the review to the school district...which said if you have any questions about your report to call. So I immediately called, and I had to leave a message...I hate calling a place of business and having to leave a message! Luckily someone called back pretty quickly. And they told me to call the Oklahoma Courts! The worst part of the whole situation is that apparently more than a dozen other potential employers use this same reporting company...which explains why I have gotten so few calls!

I called the court and after jumping threw hoops on the phone, not only do they need my drivers license, SS card, Birth Certificate, and Marriage license I have to have my finger prints done!

What are the odds that I have the same name and birth date and name as a felon?


Courtney said...

WOW that is crazyness. I hope it all gets worked out and fast.

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