Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh What A Week It Has Been!

And Yes I know it is ONLY Wednesday! I had such high hopes for an easy week, but so far I have been completely WRONG!

On Saturday I got a notice in the mail clearing me of my so called Criminal Activities! Woo Who! So straight away Monday morning I phoned the school district HR superintendent, Mr. D and made an appointment to see him an hour later. I was totally psyched! But, the general HR secretary had not been made aware that I was actually supposed to speak with Mr. D, so she just took my papers and told me he was not in the office! I repeatedly told her that I had an appointment, but she just kept saying I wasn't on the schedule! I didn't want to get mad so I said thank you, and left. I drove home...angry and disappointed in myself for giving up so easily! But I get home and low and behold...He called! He apologized for the secretary and said to meet him after lunch...that didn't happen either! I waited for the better part of an hour to find out that he had been called to an emergency meeting...but the secretary didn't bother telling me that! Apparently she had gotten in to some trouble for her behavior that morning and decided that I should pay for it!

When I finally did get home, I go to see my Granny, she hasn't been feeling well and she had gone to her PCP that morning! I get over there and she is all in a huff....She has Lymphedema in her left leg and she hates to see the Dr. that her PCP recommends, so she refuses to go! It is hard to make an 83 year old woman do anything she doesn't want to do! Apparently the PCP told her she had to see the specialist or they would have to cut off her leg! I'm sure he did this to scare her more than anything but she was still refusing to see the specialist! Hoping to appease her I got online and looked for a different Specialist to take her to, luckily there is an excellent clinic at Herman Hospital in the Medical Center! So I got her to agree to go and called to make an appointment! They happened to have a cancellation for 8am Tuesday morning, so I took it! I must not have been thinking at that point...You have to arrive at least 15 minuets prior to your appointment time, and it would take us the better part of an hour to get down there, meaning we would need to leave the house before 7am! But I want her to get better, so I did it!
The ride down there was a breeze, she slept more than half of the way! But the Hospital campus is so large she could not walk it, so they got her a wheel chair...they told her she was so lucky to have me to push her around! I didn't feel so lucky!
What started out to be a two hour appointment turned into a day long event! We were all over the hospital for 7, oh yes 7, hours! The worst part of it was she refused to hold her own purse, so I got to hold it, it is not very easy to hold two purses and push a wheel chair! But I will say that she behaved, for the most part! I am the only person she stuck her tongue out at, so in my book it was a good day!
On top of all of this, our wedding prints FINALLY arrived yesterday (we have been waiting on them for more than three months) so we went straight away pick them up! My Dad has been a little hostel about the whole situation because he didn't really like the photographer to begin with and he hates to wait for anything! So after Mr. K got home from work we went back into town to meet the was uneventful, we were there less than 5 minuets! And we went straight home! I didn't feel like dividing them all out when we got I didn't! But just before 9 my mom calls, the entire conversation consisted of my dad yelling in the back ground about why his pictures weren't in his hand! And that he wanted them NOW! He was acting like a child! I wasn't going over there at 9pm, I wasn't going to mess with the pictures at all last night! So I told my mom that and hung up! (For those of you that don't know me in real life, that is a HUGE step for me...the old me would have gone!)
This morning I was out of the house before 8am, I had lots of errands to run! Mr. K and I are going to be all over the state this weekend, well sorta! Tomorrow we are going to see B & D, in Dallas. Friday we are going to Grenville (North of Dallas) and then back to B & D's. Sunday we are getting up early and driving to Bryan/College Station for Mr.K's family Reunion/Get to Gather...and hopefully back home Sunday night! But who knows, anything could happen!
I'm just excited to be a way for a few days! Plus I love Dallas, actually I love any part of Texas that is NOT Houston!


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