Thursday, April 16, 2009

I feel OLD!

I know I have said this before but I feel like I have aged 15+ years over night! And for the last few days I have been noticing the effects. Plus my Mom said something about it, so here are my examples...let me know what you think!
Mr. K had a birthday last week, on Saturday we had friends and family over to celebrate...and we had a GREAT time! I really love being a Hostess and having a house full of guest and making a fabulous keeps my mind occupied! And that is exactly how Saturday was! Mr. K loves to play card games, so we all sat at the dinning room table and played games until the wee hours of the morning! And with Sunday being Easter we were up early for Church. So needless to say we didn't get much sleep! All week we have been in bed asleep no later than 9:30! But lets jump to last night...we are sitting on the sofa watching TV and it's a quarter till 8, we are both so sleepy we can barely keep our eyes open! So off to bed we went at 8pm! It has taken us almost a whole week to catch up on our sleep! That's NUTS! A year ago we were up until midnight almost every night, with no problems!

This weekend I have been invited to a friends Bachelotette party, they are going to be out an about down town all night, so I have declined...there is no way on earth I could stay awake all night...not even if I took a nap! Plus part of me, a lot of me, has no interest in going out "club hopping" or getting all dressed up!
Which brings me to what my Mom said!
I have always been pretty fashionable, I like clothes and I LOVE to shop and I LOVE LOVE LOVE bright fun colors and prints! But in the last few months I have become...drab! My wardrobe consist of black, white, and black! I have no desire at all to add any color or accessories. And if you have seen me lately you know it is pretty basic! But the other afternoon my mom had come over and I happened to be folding the laundry! So it was pretty obvious to see that all I have been waring is black and/or white! So we are standing in the kitchen and I am folding the clothes and she says to me, "Don't you think you would look a little better in some color, I mean your weight has really gotten out of hand and the black is not helping you! You always look so pretty in spring colors! I just don't think you are beeing you." I couldn't say anything to her, I just picked up the hamper and went to the bedroom!
Yes I know all I wear is Black! But the truth is most of the things I have in the bright fun colors don't fit and I am comfortable in the basics!
I know I have gained 50+ pounds! I don't need you to point it out!
Yes I know I need a hair cut! But oh well!
I don't look like myself! I know it!
I look old and boring because, I feel old and boring!


Courtney said...

Same here girl. I've noticed I have put on the pounds since I lost the boys and that was only three months ago =(


Amy said...

so what. i've put on the pounds & i have no reason...other then just work & not wanting to work out right now. so what if you dont wear colors. black i fantastic & slimming too. read that book Mr. K's cousin gave you. i think it will do wonders if you follow it.

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