Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Evening

So yesterday afternoon Mr.K and I decided to drive to a Target a few towns over because they apparently have a fabulous pet section! And it really paid off! Our "super" target doesn't even have 1/4 of the selection this little one had! We got almost everything left on our list! But while shopping I realized that I keep thinking of Maggie like she is a baby! And I keep going a little overboard with what I want to buy, I have already purchased 3 collars for her and I saw another one that we just might have to have too! I know she is a puppy, not a baby...but I want a baby, not a puppy!
I mean I guess I want a puppy to but I have never had a puppy before and oddly enough I am more worried about a puppy then a baby! I think I have lost my mind!
But after the first breakdown, yes there were two! Kevin and I made BBQ Ribs for dinner and they were AWESOME! It might have taken a bit longer than my dad had wanted...but oh well, he can get over it! They were great!
After dinner it had really cooled down, finally, and we had a nice breeze so we lit a little fire in the fire pit on our patio and Mr. K and I sat and read our books for three hours! It was so nice! I love to read and I can't think of a better way to have spent the evening!
I wish bringing Maggie home this week was not freaking me out so much! I am sure I will love her, but right now I am just freaked out by her!


Tina said...

I sounds like a lovely evening! xx

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