Monday, October 5, 2009

HSG and Other News

I know I should have done this a week ago...but I haven't wanted to, for several reasons.
I'm not even sure where to start...
The main reason I have been hesitant in posting is because a particular member of my family has started reading my blog. Apparently they enjoy taking what I say on here and repeating it to other family members, to stir up trouble. I know I have said some things on here that are not particularly faltering to many of my family members, but I am only stating my feelings and I am NOT doing it to be hurtful to anyone. I have thought about making my blog private and the more I think about it the less I want to do that. I know I read a variety of different blogs that I might not comment on and I get sad when they suddenly go private and I don't want to do that to any one who might be lurking out there. So to that family member, I am not going to tell you to stop reading but I am going to ask that you respect me and my thoughts and stop stirring things up, I really just don't have the energy for it.

In other news...
The HSG turned out to be pretty easy as far as the procedure it self is concerned. Little too no pain and it was over in less than five minuets. But then I guess that is also the bad part. It turns out that the Dr. that did the ectopic removal back in March was not honest with us at all. Not one little bit! It seams that she actually REMOVED my left fallopian tube and ovary! Yes you read that right, both my left fallopian tube and ovary are gone!
I sat for a long while being very angry and crying! I understand I still have the right side but I feel violated. And yes I realize she would have only done it if it were medically necessary, but the fact that she just left that little bit of information out is what bothers me! Mr. K and I both specifically asked her if she removed anything and she said NO! I really just feel violated!
Dr. R said we shouldn't worry about anything and that my right FT and O look very healthy. He also said he doesn't see any reason for us to worry about anything, even though his best guess is that it will take any ware from 6 months to a year to conceive once we decide we are ready and that really isn't that long, it it?
But right now I just have to believe that everything will work out for us.

After a rough first couple of days Maggie is finally feeling at home, I have about a zillion pictures that I will sort threw and post a few of later. We attempted a walk this morning but she wanted no part of. See last week the weather here was so nice and cool, in the 70's, which was wonderful compared to mid 90's that we have been experiencing! But it didn't last too long, this morning we woke up and it is in the 80's again! And Maggie wants no part of going outside, which could present a problem or two in a few hours.
Wish me luck!


Tina said...

I can't believe your docotor was not honest with you! But It sounds like your new doctor is confident in your ability to still conceive and that is good news. xx

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