Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just an Update

I know I'm a blogging fool today!
My little part time job is working out really well, I am always busy!
Hence my lack of blogging!

As of September 1st, I am on Mr.K's insurance! Which I am really enjoying!

I really needed to go and see Dr. Ramos, my regular OBGYN, so I made an appointment and went last Friday. I took with me a copy of my records from March and the crazy Dr. . Turns out they actually did take part of my right ovary! After I was told, more than once, that they did not!

I don't know if I have ever written this before but I LOVE Dr. Ramos! He was fabulous with us during my pregnancy with The Girls and after he was PHENOMENAL! He and his staff are amazing! I know, I know....you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not!

So back to Friday,I was terrified about how it was going to go. And I was completely embarrassed that I had not been able to see him back in March because I did not have insurance! He made me feel so completely comfortable and made sure that I knew never to worry about money or insurance where he was concerned. So after a little emotional brake down, he read over the entire file, page by page, with me! He suggested we do something called an HSG so he could get a proper idea of the shape of my ovaries and fallopian tubes. I am actually a little worried about it all of the sudden...Probably because I thought that I had a few weeks to prepare but yesterday his office called and scheduled it for Thursday...oh yes, the day after tomorrow!

I know it's not a big deal and people have these all the time but still! And yes I know I'm probably making it worse in my mind!

In other news, we had ET (sorry T, I know you hate it!) over for dinner on Saturday! And it was a blast! Last week T said that they had a surprise for me and boy did they!

It is a charm necklace from Stella & Dot! And it is just perfect! I keep thinking about the fact that I have 4 pieces of jewelry that I wear in memory of the girls now...and I haven't bought a single one for my self! It is not a bad thing...but I find it odd! I absolutely LOVE all the things from all of you and am very thankful! I just think it is odd! I will have to fix that one of these days!

Thank you Tina from Living without Sophia and Ellie, for nominating me for an Honest Scrap Award! Have you seen the BEAUTIFUL jewelry she makes? Tina I think your amazing and I am very appreciative...I have never been given a blog award before! And I promise I will get to it very very soon!

But I have already done more then enough blogging for one day!

Hope everyone is well! Thinking of you all!
And I promise to let you all know how Thursday goes! If anyone has any advice on it...let me know!


Sky said...

your necklace is beautiful!
i have been longing for something like that since loosing Charlie.
thinking of you x

Tina said...

So glad to hear you are doing well. Thank you so much for your kind compliments! I love the necklace you recieved as a gift...It just might give me an idea or two!! Please let us know how your appt goes on Thurs. xx

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