Thursday, September 17, 2009

HSG - Rescheduled

So my HSG has been rescheduled, for the 29th! I meant to post this yesterday but I never got to it!
Thank you to all of you that have been thinking about us today, I do appreciate it! And please think of me again on the 29th!
I have to admit that when it was rescheduled, I really wasn't ready for it yet! I just got of the phone with Dr. R and he assured me not to worry about it and went over the procedure a bit more with me, which did set my mind at ease!
I think I have a friend from High School that has had an HSG done before so I am going to send her an email tonight and ask her what she knows, is that to much?


Courtney said...

not at all. I always find myself emailing or talking in some fashion to people who go through something in life that I will have to go through. I like to find out as much information as possible.

Best of luck *hugs*

Tina said...

I'll be thinking of you!! xx

Nan & Mike said...

Hi Amanda, I just came across your blog from Tina's, and I am so sorry for your losses. I have had an HSG before our first IVF cycle and its really not bad at all. The most you feel is the cathetar go through your cervix - it might feel like a little cramp, then you just watch the screen and see where the dye goes, no worries, you dont feel a thing. Looking forward to hopefully getting to know you better. Hugs, Nan

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