Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So its been a rough couple of days!!!

Monday afternoon I started having these horrible cramps and at first they would come and go. But around 5pm they just persisted and then they started getting worse, but by this point they were on my right side and I was completely nauseous, so my parents - with there infamous wisdom just knew it was an appendicitis. So off to the local ER we went! Big! Big! Big Mistake! So as we sat in the ER from about 8pm, my pain just kept getting worse and it was creeping up my side! Just after midnight, while we were still in the waiting room, a nurse came in and took my blood. And then just after 2am they asked for a urine sample. By this time almost every other patient, you know the ones with coughs and sniffles, had all been taken back. So finally just after 3:30am they took me back and put me in a room. We sat there for about 20 minuets and then they came to get me for a ultrasound, the Dr. (whom I still had not seen) thought I had kidney stones. The ultra sound took about 40 minuets so that puts us around 4:30! Luckily on the way back to my bed the nurse caught me to go to have a pelvic exam, so at this point I am getting a little concerned...why do I need a pelvic? and aren't CTs better for kidney stones? But I didn't know...I'm not a Dr. you know! So after they got me on this ridiculous contraption for the pelvic exam, it was old and antiquated, the nurse called for the Dr...about an hour later she finally showed up! So yes for an hour I sat with me feet in the stirrups freezing my ass off! So she did a pelvic exam and then left with out saying so much as a word to me! Oh let me tell you FUN! So I get back to my bed about 6am, and I finally laid down to get I thought! About 6:45 just about every nurse in the ER was out side of my curtain, and I heard one ask, "Has the Dr. been in yet?" to which the other said "No, she is on her way" About 5 minuets later the ER Dr. returned. With the first real news all night: Apparently I had quite a large cyst that seemed to be attached to my right ovary, and it had ruptured, they were now going to rush me to emergency surgery! Over the next few minuets, every nurse and tech in the ER made their way into my room, they checked my bp and temp, took my blood, started an iv (with some difficulty). At 7:15am Dr. Roberts, the on call OBGYN, arrived to perform the surgery. She quickly went over the situation with us, and gave us the most likely scenario, I would lose my right ovary. The worst case scenario, I would lose everything! (At that point I started crying!!) And there was a small possibility she thought that I might to keep everything, but she couldn't promise anything and she thought it was highly unlikely. So 10 minuets after meeting her the nurses moved me to surgery...and I left a teary eyed Mr. K holding my belongings, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done! It still hadn't hit me as to what all was going on! I was completely freaked out! I don't remember much from this point...I was getting lots of drugs to sedate me and make me comfortable. I woke up just before 9 in the recovery room and I was crying...I'm not sure why but I was! And I couldn't help it, or stop! Around 10am they moved me up to my room, where Kevin and several of our family members were waiting! At that point I still had no idea what all had gone I asked! Apparently I had a cyst the size of a football attached to the outside of my right ovary that had ruptured. They removed the cyst and just over a liter of blood that come out of it, but the best part...I got to keep EVERYTHING! I can't tell you how excited that made me! I don't know if I have ever been that happy! But so here I am two days later (FYI it has taken me almost a whole day too get this typed) and it looks like I might get to go home today! I never realized how much you use your abdominal muscles, and moving around is not the easiest thing..but this pain is nothing compared to what it was! At this point I am just ready to go home! But it is apparently going to be a pretty long recovery, they were not able to use the scope so I have a large incision and a slew of staples! Oh What fun!


Donna said...

Wow! That must have been so scary. I'm glad that you are OK and that you didn't have to loose you rt ovary! I hope you can recover quickly.

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