Friday, August 21, 2009

Old Friends are New Friends

Mr. K and I grew up with a good friend, we will call him Big K. He was crazy and always a LOT of fun! He even tried to set Mr. K and I up on several occasions, he saw something long before we did! A few years after high school he joined the marines and I wish I could say we kept in touch but the truth is we really did not. Occasionally we would hear news from other mutual friends, and even less we would randomly run in to him.
A while later he married another friend from high school. And they had a beautiful little girl, whom we meet just a few days after her birth. Shortly after they relocated to San Diego and we really lost touch.
Last week when Mr. K was on his way home from work he swore he saw him. And later that night he saw the car he thought Big K was driving at his parents house. Big K grew up on the street we now live and his parents still do live here. So later that night we sent an email to see if they were here visiting and if we could get together for dinner. Almost immediately we got a response and found out that they had moved back! I can't tell you how excited Mr. K was! BigK was one of his best friends and over the past few years he really has lost touch with all of them, not on purpose but I guess sometimes that just happens!
The funniest part is they have been living with his parents for about 3 months, a block away from us, and we never new it!
It has been really nice to have a friend right down the block to hang out with and I am pretty sure we have seen them every night this week.
Threw the rumor mill they had heard we were expecting the girls and I think the hardest part of our renewed friendship was having to tell them that we had lost them. I was really worried about it, but they have been amazing! They were concerned for us and the girls, they don't change the subject if the girls or my pregnancy comes up. And for the first visit, wanting to be understanding, they left their 5 month old son with Grandma. Yesterday afternoon when they came down to play, MommaK and I visited about our pregnancies and she was so nice and understanding and never looked uncomfortable, she was only concerned for us.
I am unbelievably excited to have a new friend and even more so that she lets me share with her!
I know that I can share with any of you at any time, but some how this fells different. I guess it is because they were not here when I was pregnant and a lot of what we have been sharing is about my actual pregnancy, it is like we are comparing notes or something.
In the last few years I have realized how important it is to have good friends and especially those that accept you as you are. I am certain this is going to be a great and long friendship!


Tina said...

I am so glad you have someone IRL to support you. We all need that in addition to the support we get here. xx

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