Monday, December 7, 2009

Texas Weather

It has been a strange week for weather in this part of Texas. The Sunday after Thanksgiving it was hot and pretty and we took Maggie to the beach with her best cousin dog Daisy...which was tons of fun!
Then Friday we had snow, yes I said SNOW! It was crazy...and sadly the only pictures I managed to take were with my cell phone, so the quality is...horrible!
Saturday was gorgeous and then yesterday it was cold and rainy all day and we just hung around the house most of the day and Maggie looked like this...
But then this morning it is warm and muggy! Go figure that's Texas weather for you!

I am really hoping for snow again! I love snow and sadly live in a place that gets very little of it, even though we have had snow 3 times in the past 5 years! But I am looking forward to the holidays even if I am getting a little stressed out about buying presents. I love to buy presents but at the same time I freak out a bit about spending money...go figure!
I hoping to get the Christmas trees for the girls decorated tonight, they are up just not decorated. I hate that they aren't decorated yet but I want Mr. K and I to do it together and for some reason we just haven't found the right time to do it yet! But it is happening tonight...END.OF.STORY!
Well I better get of this computer and get some laundry done! Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Jill said...

Maggie is so cute!

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