Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where did November Go?

As I am sitting here eating my breakfast this morning I realized today is the last day of November! How did it fly bye so quickly that I barely noticed? And I know that the rest of the year is going to pass in a whirlwind!
We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, I can't tell you how much I love Mr.K's family! Not that I don't love my family too but there is something about his family...they are so laid back and casual and fun! I loved having them all here on Thursday and I kept myself so busy that I really didn't have a chance to be sad about missing the girls. Although I really did miss them especially with my brothers son, baby horse, he is just so cute and so happy that it made me miss them even that much more.
We finally got our tree set up last night and somehow I am all of the sudden looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. I think part of it is I am really looking forward to closing the door on this year and I am looking forward to all the possibilities that I am hoping next year will bring!
Any way I am hoping to be a better poster threw the end of the year and especially next year, I have been really bad at posting regularly and I had such bigger hopes for myself when I started blogging this year.
Also one last note, if you are a Baby Lost Momma make sure you are heading over to Tina's Blog every day to see where the 25 Days of Give Aways is Today! So you can enter to win something from one of your BLM friends.


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