Saturday, October 10, 2009

I like treats!

Two weeks ago or so Maggie moved in. And it has been a little crazy ever since!
See when she first came she brought a visitor...
Her brother Miles. Luckily Miles only stayed about a week, but even still there was a LOT of poop!
Maggie didn't do so well when Miles went to his new home and she spent a lot of time under my kitchen cart!
I have to admit I was really worried at first and thought we were going to end up with both Maggie and Miles if she didn't perk up but she did!
And now she really has come in to her own and boy has she been having a lot of fun!
She has a duck that she caries all over the house and the yard. (I think Mr. K might have to take up hunting just so he can take Maggie!)

She waits "patiently" for her meals! Yeah right, but she sure tries! In this picture she is waiting for a carrot! And this morning she completely impressed my brother with her tricks! She has already learned to sit, shake, lay down and roll over! She hasn't fully gotten roll over, but she is very close! She is such a quick learner! If only she would house train that easy!

She likes to watch TV

But not commercials!

And she loves to sleep just like this! Doesn't that look comfortable? And even with the storm we had last night she slept the whole night for the very first time! Granted she was awake at 6am, but that was a lot better than 2am!

And I promise I will do my best to blog about things other than Maggie but right now there is not a lot going on! Hope everyone has a great weekend! It finally feels like fall here and I am super EXCITED, too bad Mr. K is working this weekend!


Tina said...

Maggie is too cute!! xx

Talita said...

Haha! How cute these puppies!

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