Sunday, July 26, 2009


And No I don't mean the Good Kind!

** A little back story for those of you that don't know me in real life!!**

Mr. K and I have a most interesting neighbor. We call her Crazy Cat Lady! She is in her mid to late forties and has lived at home her whole life, except for the few times when she has been in rehab, oh I guess I didn't mention that yet! She has a drinking/drug problem! She also knows no boundaries and will do anything to for money to buy beer or the drug of her choice! These things include; going through peoples personal belongings (in their homes, garages and/or cars) while pretending to look for "her cat" (a neighborhood stray), flat out asking for money or alcohol, and begging on the street corner! I do understand that some people do need help but she has crossed the line, way too many times!

Just a few examples!

When Mr. K and I first started working on this house last year she would walk straight in the back yard and just pretend we were not ever here! She would go look in boxes and even let herself in the house, all while she claimed to be looking for this cat...PEANUT! Long before we moved in we had a polite "chat" with her about respecting our privacy and property! It didn't work!
We would come home from work to find her sitting on our back patio drinking a beer! When we caught her, she would say "I'm looking for my cat!"!!! Our conversations continued to get more heated and more frequent until Mr. K Lost It!
We were getting ready for bed one night and Mr. K noticed what looked like a flash light shining in one of our back windows! I had had a really rough day at work, I was about 20 weeks pregnant and my stress levels were way way to high! He told me to stay put and not to come out side! He walks out of our back door and yells "CAN I HELP YOU! " She said "I lost my cat I need to find it!" From in the house I could tell she was drunk and I knew this wasn't going to end well! Long story short, I called the police department and they came out and escorted her off our property! She was furious! She ended up telling all of the neighbors that Mr. K pulled a gun on her! But after that we really did not hear much from her!

Until Saturday Night!

**If you know the back story START HERE!**

Mr. K and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie and we heard what sounded like fighting in the front yard, Mr. K went out the back door to see if he could figure out what was going on! All he could here was Crazy Cat Lady yelling and crying and what sounded like her calling the police! He stood outside for a few more minutes listening and didn't really hear much so he got up (he was sitting next to a bush between the houses) and he saw a police car pull up! Since we were not involved in any of it, he decided it best to come back in the house and wait it out! But when the police our involved he is even more impatient than I am! After about 2 minutes he said he was going to move his truck behind my car, for no reason! When he walked outside there were three, yes 3, cop cars! When he got back in the house he was really excited and he really wanted to know what was going on! Luckily he didn't have to wait long!
Before he even got set back down, there was a knock on the front door! Immediately I freaked out! I thought you have to be kidding me right, we didn't do anything!
Low in Behold it was a good Friend! And yes he is a Cop! He stood on the front porch while the other officers dealt with crazy cat lady. Apparently in her drunken rage she called 911 and told the operator that the neighbor's dog had eaten her cat! (Not us, the neighbor on the other side!) She told the cops that it was an emergency and they need to get out here immediately! Cop friend and Mr. K had a good laugh on the front porch, all the while Crazy Cat Lady was getting a STERN verbal warning! We went to bed in a really great mod, I know that's mean...but she is very annoying!
Today however, we found out that she told her mother that we called the police on her for no reason and it was all out fault that the cat was missing! And because apparently we are in first grade, her mother called my grandmother! Oh yes at 8:30am, on the dot, her mother called my grandmother! Luckily I had already seen her and told her everything that went on, so she set her straight, but can you imagine! First, Call the police completely intoxicated! Second, Call about a cat! Third, Lie about it! Yup Makes tons of since!!

Please don't think that I don't like cats, it is not that at all, I have just had to deal with her for over a year! And I really have had ENOUGH!


Amy said...

I restate my opinion that y'all need to move! That is ridic. It's a good thing the bro was there to fill you guys in. He's always good for that. He keeps his ears peeled for addresses/streets he knows.

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