Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Didn't see that coming!

So we went to the Dr. this morning for my first, of many, follow ups. I was really excited because it meant I got my staples out...my body doesn't agree with staples! The staple removal went well, and truthfully I felt much better! But what I didn't see coming was what was said when we sat down in the Dr's office to go over everything and discuss my ongoing recovery and treatment. While we sat there the Dr was going over everything to expect and what I can and can't do, etc. but then he shocked us! He put me on birth control, to give my body a brake. Which I understand, for a while, but what I don't like is he wants me to be on it on it for a minimum of a year! He would prefer 18 months, but he would be happy with 12 months! I know it is not something to complain about, I mean I got to keep all of my parts, but still a minimum of a year before I can stop the birth control! This is ridiculous! Totally not what I wanted! But I guess/I know I can live with it!


sky said...

oh honey i am sorry ((hugs))
we have been told to give my body a break for 6mths and to me that feels like a life time.
thinking of you

Donna said...

I'm so sorry! I know that feels like forever right now but it's so important to get yourself back to 100% so you can be healthy for another pregnancy. ((HUGS))

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