Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movies Lately

Mr. K and I watch a LOT of movies! And we are not all that picky about the movies, we will give just about anything a chance. Last week we saw Marley and Me, which I know we saw at the theater last year, but I don't remember it...even though I have the ticket stubs! So as we are sitting here watching, tears well up in my eyes while they are at the OB's office. I felt so bad for them, and yes latter I really cried about it, but that is another story.
So then yesterday we saw UP, which was adorable! And totally unexpectedly I found my self crying during the little montage when you realize they can't have children, I never thought I would see that in a "kids" movie but it there it was! Then Ellie is sitting in the yard, not sure what to do and just feeling the sun on her face! So now I know it is not just me that has done that, and somehow I don't feel so bad about sitting out there anymore! If I need to do it...I will!
So to my real point...
Is it just me or is infertility/pregnancy loss showing up more? Is it becoming more mainstream? If so, it breaks my heart a little bit. I don't wish infertility or pregnancy loss on anyone, not even my "arch nemesis". It hurts and it is hard! And I don't know anyone in this situation that's heart doesn't break every time they hear of someones loss. So then I wonder if somehow those people that so many of us have trouble dealing with, will start to understand how we are feeling and that we are not crazy and too just leave us alone! I sure hope they get the message! It really would make my daily life just a little easier!

Just a couple thoughts, I know I am rambling! And I hope I didn't spoil anything for any of you!


Amy said...

Ya know, I kind of experienced the same thing when Todd died. Every song & every movie was about a significant other dying & it killed me. Even George came out with a song about a month after the accident. It was absolutely unbearable at times. I think that I just became more aware of that particular situation & not that it just became the trend. Surely that wasn't it. Or at least that is my thoughts on the weird chain of events & coincidences.

Tina said...

I don't know if infertility/pregnancy loss are out there more or if we are more aware of it because of our suffering. But whatever it may be I too hope that it helps to educate others about our feelings and struggles. xx

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