Monday, July 11, 2011

The Help

Have you heard of this book?

 The Librarian at school, who is just amazing and I love, recommended it MONTHS ago and I finally got around to reading it last week!   It is based in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi and the African American maids working in white house holds.
It really hit home for me for a few reasons but one thing that really got to me is the that one of the characters has, from my best guess, an incompetent cervix!  I won't give anything away because I really think you should read it!  But what I will say is; as much as women today suffer after losing a child, I can not imagine being in my position in 1960!  It just brakes my heart over and over again to think about what those women must have gone threw every day, the hell that it must have been.  What I took from it was everyone made it all out as the woman's fault!  I can only imagine how much worse that would make losing a child, especailly because they couldn't talk to anyone about it or tell anyone how they felt!  And don't even think about celebrating the child that you lost or doing something to honor them! 
The good thing is that it has made me thankful for the support and love I have gotten from my friends and family in real life (even though I complain about them from time to time) and from all of you, my wonderful friends in blog land. 

Oh and I realized today it is has also been made into a movie!


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