Sunday, June 12, 2011

31 Weeks

I know, I know I am behind!  The last 6 weeks of the school year was CRAZY and I when I would get home I could never find the time to write!  So now I am so behind it is not even funny. So here is a proper baby post and fingers crossed I might even have time for a regular update today or tomorrow! 

How Many Weeks?

THIRTY ONE!!! It is so surreal, I don't even believe it half the time...until I realize I can't see my feet anymore!!

How am I feeling?
I feel GREAT, I am all about the cleaning up/out and decorating!  The weather is EXTREMELY Hot and Dry in our area right now and if I get out in it am exhausted in just a few minuets! 

Doctor's Appointment?
We saw Dr.K this past Friday and we see Dr.R on Tuesday! On Friday, BabyH had no desire to have his picture taken but we did find out several important things. First, his head and leg measurements are what they would expect to see at 37weeks and weighs just over 5lbs!  Dr. K said that he is just going to be a big guy like his Daddy and that it isn't anything to worry about at this point.  The only down side is that he is still breech and because of his size they really don't think he is going to turn so it looks like I will have a c-section some time in the next 6-8 weeks and we are going to get that all worked out with Dr. R this week!

Weight Gain?
15 pounds. And most of that has been in the past 2 weeks, I don't know if it was from the end of the school year or just his crazy growth spurt, but I really did put on the pounds all of the sudden!

Baby Preparation?
We are in full baby prep mode around here!  We have had three baby showers thanks to our AMAZING friends and family!  The nursery is all painted and the furniture is here and in place.  Now we are just working on getting the last few "big" things and washing all of the clothes and baby things!  I just keep working and working on organizing in the nursery I just can't get enough! 

 A BOY who is going to be named Andrew Wyatt H.  Now we just have to decide if we are going to call him Drew or Wyatt!  Because I just don't know yet!

I will leave you with a picture of our little guy from about 3 weeks ago...


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