Thursday, January 20, 2011

Specialist Appointment...

This is not what I had thought I would post...

Today we had our first appointment with the Specialist, Dr. K. I have to say I really do like Dr. K and he spent a lot of time with us and he took a lot of time looking at SnowPea (Lola Decided that is what we are calling BabyH for now)! All of which made me very happy. He did some talking about the different things that he was looking at and for, then he checked my cervical length and he stopped talking...which made me worry.

He did a couple of other things all the while not saying a word...more worry.

Then he abruptly said I'm going to do a pelvic exam...more worry that I could almost handle!

Turns out my cervix is very short already! Only measuring 1cm! After he said that I'm not sure if I heard much else. I tried the best I could to pay attention but I just couldn't get past the 1cm! I thought it should be like 3 or 4cm, not 1!!!!!

We have scheduled for the cerclage to be put in next week and until then I am on light duty. No bending, squatting, prolonged standing, exertion of any kind, ect.

The problem is, Mr. K broke his ankle two days before New Years! He had to have surgery the Monday after New Years! He is on crutches! And will be for another 7 ( yes I said 7) weeks! He can't walk or take care of Maggie or do anything around the house! Getting dressed to go anywhere is an ordeal in itself, and going well that is even worse!

So tonight I find myself calling friends and family and cashing in on favors so that we will have all the help we need for the next however long. I'm just not good at asking for help! And I'm not good at being the patient! But I have no choice, I will be the patient and I will be a good one!

I will do what ever I have too for SnowPea to be safe!

On a Happier Note...SnowPea looks really good and is measuring a week ahead! And also moved around when Dr. K poked (really hard) on my belly!!!


Tina said...

Oh my goodness Amanda!!! Where have I been? I am soo happy for you! I know how scary it all is but you will get through it. Take good care of yourself and little snow pea! XXXXXXX

Marie W said...

Oh my! Keeping you in prayer. Does he do TACs? Can he do a Shirdokar? or will he only do a McDonald cerclage? Praying hard and please keep me posted.

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