Friday, June 25, 2010

Just an updated...

Wow, this summer is going bye so FAST! Did you know next week is July? I just realized that this morning! Any who, this summer has been busy, which is probably why it is going bye so fast!

We went to the Old Mans for Memorial Day weekend and had a blast, Maggie and Daisy were a hoot!

They learned to share...

Daisy got to know the Cows!

While Maggie begged to come in side!

And there were really pretty clouds!

And then like two weeks later school finally got out!
Since then My Dad and I have been keeping each other busy!
We cleaned out my garageSee BethAnne I told you! And we even hung cabinets!
And we put the pedestals on the washer and dryer, the pedestals that we have had for over a year!
I would have posted before and after pictures, but I don't have any because I would be completely embarrassed if anyone had seen what it looked like before! I will tell you this though, it was HORRIBLE!!

After the garage we did several days of shopping!! Cleaned out my old bedroom because it had become Mom and Dad's junk room. Went to the Farmers Market and had lunch with Dad's co-workers!
Dad misses his job so much! And it was really great to get to take him to see all of the guys he works with. And on top of it they all genuinely miss him too!

Then we celebrated Father's Day with Mr.K, My Dad and the OldMan. Dad and Baby Horse had so much fun!

And then this yesterday we got some awesome news! Dad's Chemo has done it's job! And the tumors have shrunk enough for the Drs to do surgery! No more chemo for now! And they will meet with the surgeons after the July 4th holiday!

So this weekend when our family gets together, we really do have something to celebrate!


Tina said...

What wonderful news! Enjoy your celebration!! xx

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